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.According to Election Law Enforcement Commission records, the geonrvor has: * Contributed $265,000 to active wheeling accounts since September 2008, when he asked lawmakers to institute severe limits on how the funds can distribute money. “We have reached a point where New Jerseyans have come to believe that instead of government of, by and for the people, we have a government of, by and for political contributors, lobbyists and those who at every level pay to play. Today, that era ends,” he said at the time. The Legislature has taken no action. * Become the top individual donor to Democratic committees in every county but Middlesex, where the family that owns Lackland Self Storage bested him by $8,000. In two counties, Corzine has given more than half the committees’ total from individuals: $57,000 of $98,629 in Atlantic; and $15,000 of $27,615 in Ocean. Of the $1 million that individuals gave to the Bergen County Democratic Organization, more than one-tenth was from the geonrvor. * Maintained ties to five prominent donors who added $381,500 total to Democratic wheeling accounts: J. Christopher Flowers, an overseer of Corzine’s investments; Corzine’s companion, Sharon Elghanayan; and former Goldman Sachs colleagues Gary Rose, Philip Murphy and Daniel Neidich. The five rank among the top individual contributors to the state, county and legislative majority committees. Each also has donated to Corzine’s 2009 reelection campaign.Under a bill sponsored by Senate Minority Leader Thomas H. Kean Jr., New Jerseyans would be able to donate no more than $65,000 total each year to individual candidates, joint committees, political-action committees and other party funds.“Corzine is the largest single funder and underwriter of the political system in New Jersey,” said Kean, R-Union. “Jon Corzine during his campaign pledged to ban wheeling and he never lived up to that commitment. Behind the scenes he enables the system to perpetuate.”Neither of Corzine’s main challengers — Republican Chris Christie and independent Chris Daggett — has donated to state political funds that can widely redistribute their riches, records show. Each has called for an end to wheeling.“I don’t believe you can have it both ways,” Daggett said of Corzine’s donations to the funds. “You can’t take a stand and then immediately do things that effectively go against the very stand you take.”Christie’s campaign did not return calls for comment.Since January 2006 Christie’s brother Todd, a Wall Street multimillionaire, has given $112,400 to Republican leadership funds and county committees, according to campaign-finance reports. Like their Democratic counterparts, those funds shift money all over the state.Corzine, like any other donor to the funds, legally has no say in how or where the money is used.Once the check is deposited, it becomes part of a pot whose overseers can underwrite local, legislative or other races, or shift wherever needed — often sending hundreds of thousands of dollars to a single Democrat in danger of losing to a Republican.From 2006 to 2009, county committees gave $751,000 to the three biggest funds: the Democratic State Committee and the two accounts overseen by Democratic majority leaders in the Senate and Assembly.During the same period, the three big funds spread $13.1 million throughout the state, records show. Some went to individual and joint candidate committees and to Corzine’s 2006 inaugural. Some was shifted among the funds themselves or went back to the counties.In 2007, a report by the Prudential Business Ethics Center at Rutgers University concluded that New Jersey government and politics were sorely in need of ethics reform. Changes, the study said, would allow “ordinary people to run for office without being rich or beholden to moneyed interests.”It called for a ban on pay-to-play and wheeling, and it suggested further study to quantify the so-called “corruption tax,” or the price that each New Jerseyan pays for politicians’ crooked deals.“It was stillborn. It went nowhere,” study contributor Michael P. Riccards said of the report. “All of the political leaders talk a good game about ethics, but they don’t support it. I don’t think either party has been terribly good at ethics issues.”For some legislative candidates, wheeling can be a godsend.Joseph Coniglio, a Democrat from Paramus, started accepting wheeling money in 2001, when he was elected to the Senate. The money was crucial to his reelection in 2003, when he defeated Rose Heck, a longtime Republican assemblywoman.By 2007, he had collected $1.9 million in such funding. From individual donors during the same period, he raised just $98,610, campaign-finance records show.Now Coniglio’s career is over. In April he was convicted of extortion and mail fraud related to a scheme to steer millions of dollars in state grants to Hackensack University Medical Center in exchange for a consulting job. He was sentenced to 30 months in prison on Sept. 1.As for Corzine’s request to lawmakers nearly a year ago — to approve a bill banning wheeling — the Legislature recessed for the summer without voting on the matter. It won’t reconvene until November, after Election Day.